There are two ways of contacting SCAH with a request for support:

Firstly, you can download the 'Request for Support.2020.pdf form (see below to the right), complete it and email it as a PDF to ''

Secondly, you can email '', using the 'Request for support form' email (see below to the left), including the following details: 
  • name of referring organization and the date of the referral.
  •  name of referrer and contact details (your name/your telephone number)
  • note how you heard about SCAH (e.g. from a colleague/ from the website etc.)
  • The name, gender, ethnicity and age of the individual (or the lead member of the family) being referred for assistance.
  • The post code of the referred individual or family.
  • Whether there are additional needs or disabilities (brief details are required)
  • Gender, age and any disability (with brief details) of other family members (e.g. partner, son, daughter etc) who lives with the main person referred.
  • Brief explanation of how the requested assistance from SCAH will help the individual or family.
  • Whether this is the first request for support for the individual or family.

Request for support form
Request for Support.2020.pdf