1. A Partnership with the Churches: As the churches charity working on issues of homelessness in Solihull and its surrounding area it is vital that SCAH maintains links with all churches and congregations. This is in order to raise the issues leading to homelessness and keep them before the churches... and also for communication purposes, practical and funding support. We would be grateful to have up-to-date contacts on record. Churches might like to nominate an Advocate. Magazine editors might also like to receive news/articles.
2. SCAH supporting local church action: Issues arising from homelessness and poverty are too numerous for SCAH to tackle on its own. As an ecumenical organisation SCAH is keen to support initiatives which are being taken locally. Let us know what your church is engaged in, so that we can explore how appropriate support may be offered by SCAH.
Please use the 'Churches partnership/action' button below to respond to either 1. and/or 2. above