Very latest news:

Update on Outreach - September 2021: SCAH provided assistance to 18 adults with 11 associated children at a cost of £2,013, including 13.0 starter pack equivalents and 2 debt relief orders (DROs).  Income in September was £1,780 mainly due to the 'virtual' flag day centred on Saturday, 11th September. Cumulatively to the end of September 2021, SCAH has supported 162 adults with 41 associated children at a cost of £15,902, including 116.0 starter pack equivalents and 16 DROs...and cumulative income was £12,279. SCAH also received 'in kind' donations from NFU Mutual and Goodman, Solihull.
The Trustees send a big 'thank you' to all of the individuals,  churches and companies that supported SCAH so generously in September.