Very latest news:

SCAH is holding a virtual 'flag day' based around Saturday 11th September to raise funds for its work assisting the homeless. The reason is that footfall in the town centre is down and fewer people are using cash as a consequence of the pandemic. Please go to the Homepage and use the ' CAF Donate' button to help us. We are requesting a minimum donation of £3...but if you can afford more, please do'll be helping people who are far worse off then yourselves.

Update on Outreach - August 2021: SCAH provided assistance to 27 adults with 2 associated children at a cost of £3,201, including 20.0 starter pack equivalents and 3 debt relief orders (DROs).  Income in August was £160. Cumulatively to the end of August 2021, SCAH has supported 142 adults with 26 associated children at a cost of £13,889, including 103.0 starter pack equivalents and 13 DROs...and cumulative income was £10,499.