Very latest news:

  Update on Outreach - November 2023: SCAH provided assistance to 16 adults, with 7 associated children, at a cost of £2,002 including 9.5 starter pack equivalents and 3 'non-starter' pack help. For the first 11 months of the year the cumulative numbers are 249 adults with 94 associated children assisted, some 32% more adults, and 14 fewer children, than in the same period last year (188 adults and 108 associated children). Income in November was £904 mainly due to £450 being received from Churches in Solihull and the balance from individual supporters. SCAH's trustees are very grateful to all the providers of funds.
To the end of November there were 54 adult refugees with 35 children (39 families in total) from Ukraine within the numbers this stage still a relatively small number bearing in mind that there are, for example, c.300 Ukrainian families in the borough who have fled the dreadful war and sought refuge in this country. SCAH is more than happy to support these unfortunate families and individuals.