Very latest news:

Update on Outreach - July 2022: SCAH provided assistance to 15 adults with 5 associated children at a cost of £2,181 including 13.0 starter pack equivalents.  Income in July was £1,164, including a grant from the Arnold Clark Community Fund, the second such grant SCAH has received from the Arnold Clark organisation. SCAH is very grateful for this support. The balance of the monthly income was made up of donations from our loyal individual supporters. Cumulatively to the end of July, the number of adults assisted totaled 121 (vs. 115 last year - a 5% increase) with 65 associated children (vs. 24 last year - a 171% increase). By the end of July SCAH had spent £3,866 more than it had collected, so if you want to donate, then please do!