Very latest news:

In May SCAH received a generous 'in kind' donation from Marks and Spencer, Solihull of a large quantity of crockery and cutlery. This generous donation is now in SCAH's store room and is being used when starter packs are put together by our volunteer shoppers.

Lily, a 6 year old resident of Solihull, was so concerned about homelessness that she started to collect money for SCAH on her drive (see photo). She collected £57.95 in total, but with a few friends organized 'Homeless Helpers' to try to continue the good work. The Reverend Simon Marshall, the chair-person of SCAH, presented certificates to Lily and one of her friends in recognition of their fund-raising efforts. Well done Lily and friends!

Update on Outreach - May 2021: SCAH provided assistance to 10 adults with 4 associated children at a cost of £994, including 8.0 starter pack equivalents and 2 debt relief orders (DROs), so it was a much quieter month than has been seen previously.  Income in May was £292, thanks to our individual supporters. Cumulatively to the end of May 2021, SCAH has supported 81 adults with 22 associated children at a cost of £7,842, including 58.5 starter pack equivalents and 7 DROs...and cumulative income was £7,180.
SCAH newsletter (published quarterly) - February 2021:
SCAH News Feb 21-Annotated.pdf