Very latest news:

In May SCAH received a generous 'in kind' donation from Marks and Spencer, Solihull of a large quantity of crockery and cutlery. This generous donation is now in SCAH's store room and is being used when starter packs are put together by our volunteer shoppers.

Update on Outreach - May 2021: SCAH provided assistance to 10 adults with 4 associated children at a cost of £994, including 8.0 starter pack equivalents and 2 debt relief orders (DROs), so it was a much quieter month than has been seen previously.  Income in May was £292, thanks to our individual supporters. Cumulatively to the end of May 2021, SCAH has supported 81 adults with 22 associated children at a cost of £7,842, including 58.5 starter pack equivalents and 7 DROs...and cumulative income was £7,180.
SCAH newsletter (published quarterly) - February 2021:
SCAH News Feb 21-Annotated.pdf