Very latest news:

Update on Outreach - April 2022: SCAH provided assistance to 13 adults with 2 associated children at a cost of £1,556 including 9.5 starter pack equivalents and 1 debt relief order (DRO).  Income in April was £1,810 of which gift aid received from HMRC was £701 in respect of 2020/21 and donations from our loyal individual donors totaled £1,124 (including 1 donation of £1,000!). Cumulatively to the end of April, the number of adults assisted totaled 74 (vs. 71 last year - a 4% increase) with 31 associated children (vs. 18 last year - a 72% increase). 'In kind' donations of tea, coffee and other items were made by NFU Mutual in the month for our clients