Very latest news:

In October SCAH received a grant of £2,500 from the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner's Community Initiatives Fund (CIF). The funding comes from money which has been allocated from items seized from Criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act. The money will be used to support people in the northern part of Solihull.

Update on Outreach - December 2020: SCAH provided assistance to 22 adults with 1 associated child at a cost of £1,943, including 12 starter pack equivalents. Cumulatively, to the end of December, SCAH provided assistance to 209 adults with 71 associated children at a cost of £25,763, including 154.5 starter pack equivalents, 18 DROs and 18 clients with other types of support. Income in December was £5,759 thanks to major donations from The Renewal Christian Centre, employees at JaguarLandRover and individual donations. Cumulative income for the year was £24,131.
SCAH newsletter (published quarterly) - November 2020:
SCAH News Nov 2020.pdf